Master of Science in International Human Services and Counseling


The Master of Science in International Human Services and Counseling (IHSC) is a degree program that prepares the international student to work in the field of mental health and human services.  The 43 credit program is focused on understanding counseling theories and developing counseling skills, as well as the systems that support the delivery of these services.  Thus, the IHSC degree provides an expansive exploration of mental health services and systems, including techniques of infusing those concepts into initial or existing mental health treatment systems.  The internship in the last semester is designed to be completed in the student's home country.  This degree does not lead to certification or licensure as a counselor in the U.S..  

Upon completion of the 43-credit program, the graduates of the IHSC degree will:

1.  Analyze core psychological theories and concepts that underpin counseling and mental health practices.

2.  Demonstrate cultural competence in addressing the mental health needs of people of diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

3.  Develop culturally appropriate strategies for successful interventions with diverse clients and groups in various clinical contexts.Human Services

4.  Uphold professional standards of ethics, values, and laws consistent with the practice of mental health.

5.  Understand mental health delivery systems in the US and other parts of the world

6.  Develop strategies for promoting mental health services in their country of origin.

7.  Be prepared to take leadership and administrative roles in mental health delivery systems in their country of origin.

Admission:  Applicants must meet all the requirements of the Graduate School as well as demonstrate adequate preparation for successful study in the program.  Admission requirements include:

 1.  An undergraduate degree with a major or minor in the social, behavioral, or health sciences.

 2.  Minimum TOEFL score of 80 or IELTS of 6.0, or other evidence of competency in English language

 3.  A 2-3 page essay relating the purpose of undertaking graduate study to professional goals.

 4.  Free of a criminal record and a negative drug screen.

Advising:  The Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions advises students in the International Human Services and Counseling program.  Students must be admitted to the program before enrolling in the IHSC courses.  

Program Requirements


IHSC Core Courses (37 credits)
IHSC 518 Global Health Care Systems

3 cr

IHSC 525 Transition to U.S. Health and Education 3 cr
IHSC 570 Health Care Leadership Strategies 3 cr
IHSC 635 Psychopathology across the Lifers 3 cr
IHSC 660 Contemporary Mental health Theories 3 cr
IHSC 661 Processes in Therapeutic Relationships 3 cr
IHSC 662 Health in the Community 3 cr
IHSC 673 Psychological Appraisal Techniques  3 cr
IHSC 678 Delivery of Psychological Services 3 cr
IHSC 685 Practicum 3 cr
IHSC 687 Internship 4 cr
IHSC 690 Counseling Topics (or guided elective) 3 cr
Guided Electives (3 credits):  
HADM 640 Quality Health Care Management 3 cr
HADM 671 Ethical Issues in Health Care 3 cr
HADM 650 Leadership and Managing People   3 cr
ICP 621 Global Leadership and Team Development 3 cr
NUR 551 The Aging Process 3 cr
SOC 526 Drugs in Society 3 cr
SOC 540 Gender 3 cr
THEO 546 Studies in Theology, Health and Healing   3 cr
THEO 640 Global Violence and Human Rights 3 cr
Topics as approved by the Program Director 3 cr
Elective (3 credits):
Any graduate course for which the students meets the prerequisites 3 cr


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