Announcing our Sixty-eighth Session

The Institute of Liturgical Studies is an ecumenical conference on liturgical renewal for the
church today.

We invite you to join us for these days of worship, conversation, engagement, and renewal.

April 24-26, 2017 - Liturgy Serving the Life of the Church: How Worship Re-forms Us
                                             (500th Year of the Reformation)
Father John Baldovin, Edward Foley, Timo-Matti Haapianen, Jane Strohl and Timothy Wengert, Plenary Presenters.  I-to-Loh and Shirley Erena Murray, hymn commission.

Future Dates:

2018-2020 - Three Year Series on Formation

April 8-10, 2018
How Worship Transforms Us

April 29- May 1, 2019
Formation Through Teaching

April 20-22, 2020
Formation Through Singing