Valparaiso University Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Valparaiso University will be renowned worldwide for preparing women and men who are highly sought for their knowledge, character, integrity and wisdom.

To achieve this vision, and with input from students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, Valparaiso University has developed a strategic plan that ensures our future success.  Valparaiso University’s strategic plan will help to chart our course over the next two decades; preparing graduates to lead and serve and ensuring the financial and environmental sustainability of our campus into the future.

Learn more about the Strategic Plan

If you are interested in learning more about Valparaiso University’s strategic plan, join President Mark A. Heckler for an informative session as he shares the highlights of the plan at various locations across the country.

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Plan Overview
New Strategic Plan primes Valparaiso University for growth, innovation

Valparaiso University is today announcing to the public a bold new Strategic Plan that calls for innovation, increased enrollment and financial sustainability.

A two-year engagement process preceded the formation of the Strategic Plan, and involved faculty, staff, students, board members, alumni, and community members.