AARC Forms

Please refer to this page for links and descriptions to forms used by the AARC for services.

Medical Provider Verification Form– This form is intended for use by a student’s medical professional for the sole purpose of confirming a student’s disclosure of disability diagnosis and need for accommodations due to barriers presented to them by the current university environment. The completed form is able to used as appropriate documentation to be kept on file in the AARC confidentially to verify need for AARC services.

Accommodations Request/Renewal Form– This form is for use by both new students to the AARC and current students utilizing AARC services. This form serves as a student’s official request for accommodations and is valid for one academic year from the day it is filled out. New students to the AARC should fill this out prior to their intake appointment, returning students wanting to recertify their accommodations should fill this out either the summer before the school year starts or whenever they wish accommodations to take effect, keeping in mind that accommodations are not retroactive.

Exam Accommodation Request Form– This form serves as an official request to utilize test accommodations for students who have been approved for them. The AARC asks that students fill out this form no later than 5 days before the exam, as we may not be able to accommodate late requests.

Special Housing Accommodation Form– This form serves as documentation for students who need accommodations within the Residential Life setting. This form should be filled out by the appropriate medical professional and turned in to AARC staff to begin the process for requesting this type of accommodation.