Academic Centers

Accommodated Testing Procedures

Communication of Testing Accommodation Needs

Students who have approved testing accommodations through the AARC will be expected to initiate communication with their instructor either in person or via email to discuss appropriate testing arrangements as it relates to that course.

  • The student will fill out the test accommodation request form and submit in order to schedule the exam with the AARC, regardless if the student is planning on taking the exam in the AARC Testing Center or with the instructor. This should be done no later than five days before the requested test date. The AARC will route this form to the instructor.
  • The AARC asks that the instructor approve the appointment and attach the exam and instructions to the form to route back to the AARC. We ask that the instructor route this back to the AARC no later than 1 hour prior to the exam.
  • If the student and instructor agree upon an alternate arrangement in which the instructor wishes to proctor the exam for the student, the student will indicate that on the test request form.  By agreeing to this, the instructor is expected to provide the testing accommodations as granted by the AARC in an appropriate environment. 

Date and Time of Scheduling Exams with the AARC

Students will be expected to schedule any accommodated exams they want to take the AARC during the time and date at which non accommodated students are also taking the exam.

  • If the student has an extenuating circumstance that would prohibit them from exercising their AARC approved time extension (i.e. a class time or practicum conflict, the student will be expected to notify the instructor of this during their initial discussion of testing accommodations, or at the earliest available opportunity. The student will be expected to schedule their exam with the AARC at the earliest time available between the student and the AARC.
  • The hours of operation for the AARC testing center are 8:00 am-5pm Monday through Friday. If a student has a test for a class regularly scheduled outside of these hours, the AARC will consider extending hours upon individual request if possible. If this is not possible,  AARC staff, faculty, and student will discuss an alternative time or other arrangement.

Time Management During Exams in the AARC

The exam time clock will begin at the start of a student’s scheduled time. The student will be given a 10 minute grace period before time begins to be deducted from the overall exam time. Upon arrival, students will deposit personal belongings (i.e. bags,  cellphone) and other unauthorized aid outside of the testing center. The student will be notified of the exam duration.

  • Students who notify the AARC prior to the exam start time that they are experiencing traffic or other extenuating circumstances that are causing minor lateness will not be penalized.
  • Students will be permitted to look over notes or eat prior to the start of the exam outside of the testing center, however, this time will be deducted from overall exam time.
  • If the AARC testing environment experiences a major distraction, students testing will be given a time bonus in the amount of the duration of distraction.
  • If the student has a question on an exam, the AARC will attempt to contact the instructor.  Should the instructor not establish contact with the AARC during the exam duration, the student will be advised to indicate the question on their exam, and how they would attempt to solve the question given that information.

Exam delivery

The AARC will scan completed exams and email them via  to the instructor within 24 hours of completion. The original hard copy of each exam will be  provided in an  envelope as tamper resistant as possible via campus mail. We expect hard copies to be delivered to your respective mailboxes within 3 days of the student(s) scheduled exam date.