Academic Centers

Accommodation Process


  • The first step in getting accommodations through the Access and Accommodations Resource Center (AARC) is for the student to reach out to AARC staff to self-disclose their disability and related barriers within the collegiate setting.
  • The AARC requests that all students have some form of relevant documentation of their disability from a qualified professional that states a diagnosis and any symptoms that may manifest, as well as conditions that cause these symptoms.
  • We understand that some students may not have access to obtain full medical documentation. We also put emphasis on students’ self perceptions on how their disability affects them.
  • We ask that all students fill out an Accommodation Request Form prior to meeting with us
  • The AARC staff will request a meeting with the student in order to inform the student of what they can offer the student based on the provided documentation, the request form, and student input on what they believe to be effective in removing barriers created by disability. The AARC staff will also review relevant next steps or referrals to other offices with the student.
  • In certain cases, the AARC understands that documentation may not be available. The student is still welcome to schedule an intake meeting to discuss options for receiving accommodations.
  • No documentation? The AARC may be able to provide provisional accommodations while documentation is acquired. They can also provide guidance on what documentation is needed.
  •  The AARC will compose a formal accommodation letter to instructors stating the approved accommodations. This letter will not state the student’s diagnosis or any other confidential information and will be active from the date listed on the letter, until the end of the academic year (A full academic year includes the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms). Accommodations are not retroactive. The accommodation letters will be mailed electronically to instructors, and the student will receive a copy on the initial mailing. The letter is available in Starfish  as a flag notification under “Tracking Items”. It will also be emailed once at the beginning of each semester after the approval period has begun.
  • Once the letter is sent, students are responsible to communicate with each instructor about how the accommodations will apply to that particular class. A student may choose whether or not to use accommodations in a course at any point throughout the semester. If a student or instructor needs clarification on an accommodation, they can contact the AARC for guidance.
  • Students are responsible for notifying the AARC should their accommodations situations change or a particular accommodation isn’t effective. The AARC will set up a meeting with the student to discuss any changes in situation and potential changes in accommodations. This can happen at any point during the semester.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, all letters from the previous year will be considered inactive until a student chooses to renew. To renew accommodations, please fill out the Accommodations Request Form again. You are free to fill out this form at any point in the semester that you would like, however remember that accommodations are NOT RETROACTIVE.