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Accommodation Request/Renewal Form

All students, whether new to using the Access and Accommodations Resource Center, or renewing accommodations from a previous semester are required to fill out the Accommodations Request Form

More information on accommodation renewal

In previous years at Valpo, a student was able to receive accommodations once they registered with the AARC until the day they graduated. We realize that circumstances may change and accommodations may need to be updated from year to year as student circumstances change. In order to ensure accommodations remain effective for each individual student, we are asking each individual student to complete the form each year that they will want to receive accommodations. This form will allow students to request accommodations they have received previously, as well as request new ones (and attach supporting documentation) if need be. Completion of this form will result in students being able to receive accommodations from the first day of classes during the Fall semester until the last day of the full summer term. The AARC staff may need to meet with students individually to clarify or evaluate requests and will reach out if necessary. In order to make the best use of your accommodations, it is strongly recommended you fill out this form as soon as possible. You will not receive accommodations until this form is received. You are allowed to fill out this form at any given point in the semester, but remember that accommodations are not retroactive, so to make the most efficient use, please ask early!