Award for Excellence

Valparaiso University is pleased to announce continuation of the Award for Excellence scholarship. This award recognizes the academic and personal achievement of students completing their junior year at a Lutheran high school. Each recipient will receive a scholarship to Valparaiso University and a commemorative certificate, which may be presented at your awards convocation. One of the outstanding features of this award is that it is selected by you, who know firsthand the valuable contributions these students have made to your school.

The students receiving this nomination should be outstanding juniors who have achieved academic excellence (3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale), have been recognized as leaders, and have been committed to serving others. The students should typify the qualities consistent with the goals and objectives of Lutheran secondary and post-secondary education. We would like to recognize up to three of these students from your school.

Please submit your nominations by May 1.

If you would need more information, please contact Ed Keleher in the Office of Admission at 219.464.6141.

Thank you for your help in selecting these recipients of the Award for Excellence. We value this ongoing opportunity to recognize superior students from your school.