Quality Matters

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters is a course design rubric for blended and online courses but is also valuable for any course using technology to deliver content. The Rubric was developed as part of a 2003-2006 U.S. Department of Education grant and consists of eight general standards:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  3. Assessment and Measurement
  4. Instructional Materials
  5. Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
  6. Course Technology
  7. Learner Support
  8. Accessibility and Usability
What is Included with VU’s QM Membership?

As part of VU’s membership, the CITAL Team will be able to administer workshops and guide faculty through the review process. Additionally, working with faculty, we will be able to build and develop a cohort of staff and faculty members to conduct internal and external reviews:

  • Internal Reviews (Quality Matters Essentials Certification)
  • External Reviews (Official QM Certification)
  • Self-Reviews (Confidential for Faculty Development)
  • Research Library (Searchable by Keyword and QM Standards)
  • Research Webinars
  • Success Story Webinars
What’s Next?

CITAL team members are in the process of getting certified as coordinators, facilitators, and peer reviewers for the rubric. Once the process is complete, we will begin conducting workshops, creating additional resources, and inviting faculty to conduct their own confidential self-reviews.