Instructional Technology & Design


Blackboard Learn gives faculty the opportunity to make learning materials available to students 24-hours a day. After class is finished meeting, students can participate in discussion boards, take online quizzes and tests or turn in assignments electronically through Blackboard Learn. Some courses at Valparaiso University are hosted entirely online through Blackboard Learn whereas other face-to-face courses use Blackboard Learn to supplement the in-class instruction.

Simple Syllabus

What does your syllabus say about your course? Does it spark interest or ignite the passion to learn? While it is a contract between you and students, it does not have to only be a list of policies, procedures, and boring. Let the CITAL team assist you in creating vibrant document, while still incorporating the required and suggested syllabus language.

Writing Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are the destination where students should arrive after completing the assignments associated with each objective. Quality learning objectives are more than a list of outcomes, they define the level at which students will be able to engage with content.

High Impact Teaching Practices

High Impact Practices (HIP’s) come in many forms and are largely seen as positive for improving student engagement, retention, and graduation rates. Based originally on the work of George Kuh (2008), they have been largely viewed through an institutional or curricular lens. However, Fink (2016) argued that there are five High Impact Teaching Practices (HITP’s) that can be used in the classroom by faculty.

One-on-One Consultation

Faculty can schedule a consultation regarding any classroom issues such as course design, designing student evaluations, discussion-leading, etc.

To schedule a class observation or consultation, submit a helpdesk ticket or email

Instructional Technology & Design Contacts

Ed Finn

Ed Finn, Ed.D. Executive Director 219.464.6137 Kretzmann Hall, 120

Gina Rue, Ms.Ed.

Gina Rue, Ms.Ed. Senior Instructional Designer 219.464.5124 Kretzmann Hall, 118