The College of Nursing and Health Professions’ National Council is composed of women and men who are exceptional leaders in their fields. They provide the dean with expertise, advice, and useful critique about the College’s programs, mission, and direction. The National Council meets twice yearly and College of Nursing and Health Professions students often have an opportunity to meet these important decision makers.

National Council
Dr. Susan M. Adams
Mr. Robert Beyer
Mrs. Nichole K. Bobo Greenwell
Ms. Kristine L. Boettcher
Dr. Beth A. Brooks
Dr. Robert W. Clausen
Mrs. Jill C. Jacobson
Dr. Stephanie A. Kapfer
Mrs. Sarah L. Katula
Mrs. Alice K. Malayter
Dr. Jonathan W. Miller
Mrs. Leslie G. Paul
Dr. Alicia C. Shillington
Mrs. Pamela Stoyanoff
Dr. Donna A. Van De Water
Mrs. Penny Viater
Mr. Norman H. Volk
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