College of Nursing and Health Professions Expands Spring Break Opportunities

From long-standing trips to Thailand, Chile, and Costa Rica and Nicaragua to more recently launched travels to China, Germany, and Ireland, the College of Nursing and Health Professions offers extensive cultural experiences and experiential learning opportunities abroad during Spring Break. This March, thanks to new faculty member Roberto Fadda, M.D., DDS, clinical associate professor in physician assistant studies, the CONHP launched a trip to Italy. Students immersed themselves in Italian culture and history and observed the Italian health care system firsthand.

Currently, Professor Fadda teaches pathophysiology and clinical medicine. No matter the topic, his focus is on presenting concepts rather than a list of notions for his students to memorize. His ultimate goal is for his students to leave his classroom with knowledge of the underlying processes of diseases and their significance.

Valpo students benefit both from Professor Fadda’s teaching experience and his comprehensive experience as a practicing physician, radiologist, and medical researcher in cell biology. He takes an intercultural approach to his work and relationships and has clinical experiences both in the United States and Italy.

Travel to Italy is of particular interest due to the strength of the Italian health care system, which is ranked second by the World Health Organization. With this new trip, Valpo nursing and health professions students have a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the Italian health care system with that of the United States, discovering why the Italian system is ranked so highly and discerning ways in which to improve the health care system in the United States.