Valpo Fuels Future of Health Care Leadership Graduate

Less than a decade ago, Ryan Singh ’15, ’18 MBA decided to embark on his collegiate journey, more than 1,300 miles from home, at Valparaiso University. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ryan chose Valpo due to its strength academically combined with the opportunity to play Division 1 athletics as a member of the football team. He successfully balanced the challenges of a rigorous academic schedule with the massive responsibility of being a student-athlete, building within himself perseverance, work ethic, and leadership skills that have driven him into his future.

“Valpo taught me the value of relationships and broadened my wisdom,” Ryan says. “I was met with warm and caring people who taught me how to instill morals and values in my life.”

At Valpo, Ryan obtained his bachelor of science in health care leadership and furthered his education through receipt of his master of business administration. Ryan found the health care leadership program to be “ideal” for those, like himself, seeking a position in the continually growing health care industry, developing within him proficiencies in leadership, management, and education and preparing him for employment in innumerable settings such as hospitals, private practices, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and rehabilitation facilities. And, through the master of business administration program, Ryan developed key managerial skills needed to navigate and lead within the increasingly complex regulatory and business environment of the health care industry.

Despite the tremendous undertaking of balancing Division 1 athletics with academics, Ryan had much success both in the classroom as well as on the field as evidenced by his receipt of numerous awards — Presidential Academic Honors Student-Athlete, Pioneer Football League Academic Honor Roll, Arthurs Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar Award, to name a few. Ryan points to the small class sizes and close faculty support and mentorship characteristic of the health care leadership program as critical to his classroom and future success.

The health care leadership program has a practicum component embedded in the curriculum, providing significant opportunities for on-site work experience, where students can demonstrate their developing skills and competencies. For Ryan, his practicum experience resulted from a $200,000 grant awarded to Valparaiso University from the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission of the Indiana State Department of Health. He served as an intern to aid the Tobacco Education and Prevention Coalition for Porter County with the promotion of coalition activities both on campus and in the greater Valparaiso community. Ryan also assisted in the management of the Coalition’s website and social media with focus on smoking cessation and the Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1.800.Quit.Now) in collaboration with his fellow Valpo intern, Jeremy Getz ’15.

At the conclusion of Ryan’s internship, he was offered a full-time position at his practicum site upon graduation, which he accepted. He served as program coordinator for nearly three years, with responsibilities including building and strengthening relationships with more than 125 health care providers enrolled in the Indiana Quitline Network, analyzing performance results for electronic medical records system and developing insight on trends in order to decrease smoking rates, and collaborating with business leaders to develop strategic plans for policy implementation.

“I believe the purpose of life is to make a lasting impact by helping others,” Ryan says. “Analyzing the health of a population and the threats it poses to people is critically important. I’m passionate about improving the quality of life for others.”

According to Ryan, Valpo and its community taught him many things that will shape his future, but perhaps most importantly was instilling in him the importance of finding his passion in life.

“When you discover what you are passionate about in life, you become motivated and energized to take on any challenges you may endure,” Ryan says. “When that passion meets purpose — anything is possible.”

Ryan recently departed Valpo to accept a new challenge in his home state of Florida, assuming the role of financial analyst at the University of Miami Health System. He is responsible for their financial reporting and financial analysis, working with many clinical departments to identify operational trends and financial projections in order to streamline operations and increase profitability. And, he credits Valpo with developing within him the key competencies and skills — problem solving and analytical skills, communications skills, and adaptability to change — that enabled him to secure the position and will ensure his future success.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Ryan is currently considering the pursuit of a second master’s degree in health care administration at the University of Miami.