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Snow Operations

The initiation of snow removal operations varies depending on current and future forecasting of inclement weather conditions.  The Executive Director of Facilities and the Landscape Manager monitor the weather, events being held on campus, and other factors that may affect the decision on whether or not to mobilize the snow removal crew.

Below is a basic guideline on how the decision is made to deploy the snow removal operations team. This information is based on‘s ratings of winter storms. Response time and methods may vary based on the arrival of the storm and how long it’s expected to stay in the area.

Snow Operations

When the snow starts while on duty, staff will deploy as soon as needed.  In the event a 4”+ snow storm is expected, staff will begin at 4 a.m.  In the event an 8”+ snow is expected, start times will be determined at that time.

On average, it takes the Snow Operations Crew approximately 4 hours to remove a 2” snow, 8 hours to remove a 4” snow and anything above and beyond that is TBD.  As a reminder, because we are located in Northwest Indiana and Lake Effect Storms can alter snow accumulations drastically, these are estimates. Start times may vary.

Facilities Management and the Parking & Transportation Office have created the following snow removal plan.  The start time for this process will be dictated by the timing of each snow event.

For those who arrive early to campus following/during a snowfall, we ask that you note the order in which the lots are plowed so that you can adjust your parking plans accordingly.  On days of heavy accumulation, the parking spaces in each lot closest to the building will be plowed first.  The remainder of the lot will be plowed on subsequent passes.  We ask that you park your vehicle in the lots or areas that have already been cleared, per your respective parking permit.