Audacity is installed on all LRC computers

For recording the best quality audio, you can borrow a Sony audio recorder for up to two days at a time; to borrow the recorder, contact the LRC.  Another option is the Samson mike located in the LRC Viewing Room (near the kitchen area).  You may use the LRC computer, or plug the mike into your laptop.  If using your own Windows machine, you may find that recording is disabled until you change Windows permissions for the mike.

For editing within Audacity, you can also use the computers in the LRC Studio (computer lab).  These computers have monitor mics as well, but the audio recording quality is not ideal.

Download Audacity, version 2.3.0

Download Audacity

Note: The first time you export audio as an mp3 file, you might be prompted to install an extra filled called the LAME Encoder.  If prompted, use the links below to download the appropriate LAME Encoder file. You can then navigate to the LAME file when you attempt your mp3 export, so make a note of where it is downloaded to — usually the “downloads” folder.  You only have to do this once.

LAME Encoder Home Site

Macintosh Direct Link

PC Direct Link