Changing Degree Program

Because of the rigorous nature of the music programs, students must pay careful attention when they consider changing their degree program. In every case, students should consult the Handbook for Music Students and their departmental advisor.

Generally, students should follow the follow one of these processes:

Students considering a move from one music degree track to another should consult first with their academic advisor, who may recommend additional consultation with the studio teacher, the department chair, or other appropriate faculty.

The official change of major is processed through the Curriculum Change Request Form obtained from the University Registrar’s office or website. The change form is signed by the previous advisor and by the department chair. The chair will assign a new advisor and update the department records to reflect the change of major and advisor.

Students considering a move from another major into one of the music majors should request an audition and placement test in order to be considered for admission to the major. Students may be provisionally accepted into the major without audition if the student’s performance work is already known to the department faculty through prior studio or department ensemble participation.

Students in music majors considering a move out of the major are urged to consult with their academic advisor (and other faculty familiar with their work) before finalizing the change. The advisor and/or department chair will assist the student in securing a new advisor and in transferring academic records to the department of the new major at the point the change is to occur.

Students with music major scholarships will be reminded that a change out of the major will likely affect their awards.