Extracurricular Ensembles

Opportunities for cheering and praise.

Crusader Pep Band

The Valparaiso University Crusader Pep Band performs a wide variety of music to enhance the atmosphere of athletic events while supporting the teams. The band is primarily composed of students, though alumni, faculty, staff, community members, and high school students are also welcome to attend and play with the Pep Band. The Pep Band is sponsored by the Valparaiso University Athletic Department and music department.

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir performs in the Chapel of the Resurrection at select services throughout the academic year, including Advent/Christmas Vespers, Transfiguration Vespers, and Palm/Passion Sunday. They also perform at concerts and off-campus services. The choir is led by a student, under the direction of the director of chapel music

Matins Choir

Matins, a traditional service of morning prayer, is held every Wednesday in the Chapel of the Resurrection. The Matins Choir performs psalms at the service, and rehearses weekly in addition to Wednesday morning warmup. The choir is led by a student under the direction of the director of chapel music.


Sweetwine is a 12-person music ministry group that was started by Valparaiso University students in 1972. The Sweetwine tradition has been kept ever since, and the group covers contemporary Christian artists in an acoustic style. Sweetwine goes on tour each Thanksgiving break and each spring break to share the gospel and God’s love through music. Learn More »