Student-faculty interactions are critical and we do our best to foster these important interactions. We try to build a community where student-faculty interactions occur frequently both inside and outside of the classroom setting. These interactions help break down barriers and students feel more comfortable approaching faculty about academic and non-academic issues. Also, when students need recommendation letters, their faculty know them well and can provide strong, detailed letters.


Engaged Students

Katelyn Stermer ’14 participated in Valpo’s trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Namibia — pivotal experiences that led her to approach medicine from a public-health perspective.

Biology Lab

Inspirational Professors

As Valpo’s Pre-Medical Arts Fellow, Professor Beth Scaglione-Sewell uses collaborative research to train insightful physicians.

Quenby Erickson, D.O.

Successful Alumni

After graduation, Quenby Erickson ’94 opened her own dermatological practice, where she pursues the artistic side of medicine.