Degree Programs

Pre-Medical Arts Special Curriculum

The pre-med special curriculum is neither a major nor a degree. Although many pre-med students choose to major in a science, the courses needed to meet MCAT and medical school prerequisites can be added into the schedule of many different majors on campus.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Degree programs in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry provide appropriate preparation for admission into professional schools and programs such as medicine, dentistry, hospital administration, medical technology, optometry, physical therapy, podiatry, public health, veterinary medicine, and other allied health fields.

Combined Liberal Arts-Medical Arts Program

In some fields such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, completion of a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science is often required before admission to a professional school. However, if three years or less of college work are needed for entrance into a professional program, a student may earn a bachelor’s degree through the University’s Combined Liberal Arts-Medical Arts program. This involves three years of work at Valparaiso University and one year of work at an approved professional school. Prior approval of the program must be secured from the committee on pre-medical arts.

Specifically, students who elect to complete the combined liberal arts-medical arts program must meet the following requirements:

  • They must spend the junior year in residence at Valparaiso University.
  • They must meet all General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with the exception that one course in theology is waived.
  • They must complete an academic major. For the Bachelor of Science degree this major must be in one of the science fields.
  • They must complete at least 93 semester credit hours of college work.
  • They must apply for graduation by the deadline date and present to the office of the registrar an official transcript of an additional year’s satisfactory work at an approved professional school.

Christ College

Christ College emphasizes the great traditions of humankind with readings in history, literature, philosophy and religion.