Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Policy Changes

The following information applies to University employees who have been issued a Procurement Card.

Itemized Receipts

When is it necessary to have an itemized receipt?

  • All purchases require an itemized receipt. In addition, Hospitality meal receipts must be itemized. Receipts showing only the total are not considered an authorized purchase.

Hotel Room Service

The University is on travel meal per diem reimbursement. How do I charge in-room meals when staying in a hotel?

  • In-room meals are not permitted on University credit cards. Cardholders who want to charge in-room meals should leave a personal debit or credit card number with the hotel front desk for meals, movies, and other personal charges.

Per Diem Reimbursement

Can I charge meals to my University Procurement card?

If I have a University Procurement Card, how do I request travel meal per diem reimbursement.

  • Submit a Travel Expense Reimbursement form to the Finance Office upon your return. A travel reimbursement request must be submitted within 59 days of the return date of the trip. Per IRS regulations, if any later than 59 days, the reimbursement is paid through payroll. (See the Travel and Travel Expense Reporting Policy for more information.)

Hospitality Expenditure Form

If I have a University Procurement Card, do I need to use the Hospitality Expenditures Form?

More Questions?

Send your questions to the Procurement office at vu.purchasing@valpo.edu.

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Contact Diana Blaney, finance office at diana.blaney@valpo.edu.