Independent Contractor Additional Information

What is an Independent Contractor?

Independent contractors include, but are not limited to, speakers, musicians, consultants, painters, photographers, and others. An independent contractor is any individual who is not on the University payroll and is hired to perform services on campus.

How to Hire an Independent Contractor

The University requires an Independent Contractor Agreement (PDF) each time an individual is hired to provide service on campus. The agreement communicates to the individual that they are responsible for their own insurance and any medical or liability claim that may result from their work while on campus.

Enter a purchase requisition

The department must enter a purchase requisition and complete the Independent Contractor Agreement which covers all scheduled work.  The department must send the agreement to the individual whom the department is hiring. The agreement can cover a series of scheduled work as long as this is described on the agreement and the requisition.

The agreement must be signed by the department and the Independent Contractor and sent to the Procurement office before work is performed. Procurement cannot issue the purchase order or issue payment until the Independent Contractor Agreement is on file.