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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Under the direction of the President Jose Padilla and Executive Vice President and Provost Eric Johnson, Valparaiso University is embarking on a year-long strategic planning process to shape its future. The entire campus community is invited to join in this process that will make a lasting positive impact on the future of this great University.

President Padilla’s Framework Questions for Strategic Planning

Our Mission

Valparaiso University, a community of learning dedicated to excellence and grounded in the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith, prepares students to lead and serve in both church and society.

Our Vision

Valparaiso University will be renowned worldwide for preparing women and men who are highly sought for their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom.

Our Commitment

We are called to seek truth, serve generously, and cultivate hope.

Strategic Planning Themes

Theme Team Campus Interactions

  • TBD


  • During the week of December 13 the Theme Teams will be meeting for the first time as a unit and begin their walk through the data that has been generated during the strategic thinking phase of our current process. They’ll begin working on organizing the over 1000 ideas that have been generated to craft initiatives that will move the University forward.
  • The strategic planning process is moving into a new phase – the planning phase! Up to this point we have been in a strategic thinking phase that has allowed the campus community and the board of directors a chance to think expansively about the future of the University and also work to define some boundaries for our planning conversations. This new phase is exciting, yet challenging as we work collectively to develop action items aimed at moving Valpo toward a thriving institution. This planning process will work intently over the course of the next several months before coming back to the campus community in late spring semester to vet our initial plans before sending them off to the administration and the board of directors.
  • During Homecoming Weekend 2021, Executive Director of Strategic Planning, Kevin Goebbert, and the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Joseph Bognar, met with the National Councils and the VUAA Board during their plenary session. The event included an overview of the strategic planning process, brief discussion of trends in higher education, and two activities related to the merging themes of the Unparalleled Experience and Unmistakable Value.
  • After an energetic and enthusiastic Community Day gathering on September 21, the ideas generated will be transcribed and compiled. All of this information will help to refine and update the themes that were discussed. When this information is back, the ideas will be shared here.
  • On August 12-13, the President’s Cabinet, along with the strategic planning leadership team, met for a day and a half retreat to begin the strategic planning process where they engaged in identifying some important themes that will help to guide our overall strategic planning process.

Past Events

  • November 11, 9am-1pm, Planning Team Meeting #1 via Zoom

Strategic Planning Process

The year long process that the University will be using is based on the time-tested process developed by our planning parter, Credo, and contains three main elements: Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Action. During each phase of the process there will be numerous opportunities for engagement and constituent feedback to help create a plan that will have a lasting positive impact on the institution.

Contact Us

For questions about the strategic planning process, please email strategicplanning@valpo.edu