Sexual Assult

The People

  • Never walk or jog alone at night. If you do, go with at least one other person or in groups
  • Should you find yourself walking alone at night, avoid secluded or dimly lit areas
    • Stay away from wooded areas or locations where shrubs or buildings might provide cover for assailants
  • If you feel you are being followed:
    • Yell or scream and move toward a public, well-lit area
    • Or try to reach a Campus Emergency Phone (blue or yellow emergency phones)
  • Be alert to your surroundings for possible safety concerns, whether you’re in your place of residence or moving about the campus or city
  • Always trust your instincts

Residence Halls

  • Suspicious Persons/Activities
    • Call VUPD immediately
    • Always report information to your RA and RLC
  • Lock your room
    • Always keep your room locked when unattended, alone or sleeping
    • Report immediately to your RA and RLC if your room key is lost or stolen
    • Never leave your keys lying around unattended
  • Unsecured exterior doors
    • Never prop open exterior doors to residence halls
    • Take it upon yourself to close any exterior doors found open
    • Never allow unescorted visitors in the residence hall.
  • Always be familiar with your surroundings
  • Always trust your instincts

Off-Campus Housing

  • Keep your house or apartment locked (including doors and windows) when unattended, alone or sleeping
  • Always report any suspicious persons or activities to your local police department
  • If your apartment key is lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the property owner and report the incident to your local police department
  • When entering your apartment at night, have keys readily available
  • Always be familiar with your surroundings
  • Always trust your instincts

Personal Property

  • Photograph and keep a list of your valuables, being sure to include make, model and serial numbers
  • Mark your personal property and valuables with a permanent identifiable marking
    • Contact VUPD for information on how to permanently mark your valuables
  • Help protect the property of others and of the University
    • Report any damage and/or all suspicious activity to the VUPD


  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times
    • Keep doors locked when travelling
  • When walking to your vehicle at night, have your keys ready and in your hand
  • Always check the interior, including the back seat, before getting into your car
  • Do not park your automobile in secluded or dimly lit areas
  • Do not keep valuables in plain sight in your vehicle
  • Never offer rides to strangers or hitchhikers
  • Always be familiar with your surroundings
  • Always trust your instincts


  • Keep your bicycle securely chained and locked when not in use
    • VUPD can advise you on recommended types of locks that are considered most secure
  • Do not park or store your bicycle in unsafe or dimly lit areas
  • Register, engrave or permanently mark your bicycle with an identifying number
    • Record the bike’s serial number
    • Take a photo of your bicycle and keep with your records
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