Syllabus Requirements Reminder

The Council of Deans unanimously decided in September, 2012, that five items are required and must appear on every syllabus for every course at Valparaiso University. Theses elements are:

  1. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  2. Grading
  3. Honor Code Statement
  4. Disability Support Services statement
  5. Class Cancellation method


Additionally, the following elements are strongly recommended:

  1. Course Details
  2. Instructor Contact Information
  3. Content Outline / Course Schedule
  4. Textbook(s) and Other Readings
  5. Student Performance Assessments - Project/Papers/Products
  6. Student Performance Assessments - Tests/Examinations
  7. Attendance Policy
  8. Academic Support Services
  9. Library Support Services


More information can be found in this PDF copy from the Council of Deans.

Need help constructing your syllabus? Jen Gregory is available to work with instructors on creating a syllabus for a new class or updating one for a class that you've taught for years. Contact Jen for help at