By developing the capacity for independent, critical thinking and self-examination, Christ College prepares its students to meet life’s challenges with thoughtful confidence.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Each academic discipline or major offers its own ways of looking at the world. Although these specialized disciplinary perspectives are useful in advancing human knowledge, too narrow a focus on a single discipline can block off other paths to understanding. The Christ College curriculum embraces conversation across disciplines, offering students a variety of approaches to topics that interest them. Christ College students benefit from close relationships with professors and students whose academic pursuits and backgrounds differ from their own.

Speaking Freely

Passionate discussions and debates are a hallmark of Christ College courses. Small class sizes and professors who excel at facilitating discussion allow students to test and refine their ideas in collaboration with a group of motivated, perceptive peers. This supportive but rigorous environment prepares students to clarify their opinions and ideas and present them to others — critical skills in any field of endeavor.

Community Beyond the Classroom

Co-curricular programs and Christ College traditions are a critical component of academic life at Christ College. Christ College students and alumni recall the First-Year Production and the Oxford Debates as powerful learning experiences that develop the ability to work collaboratively, resolve conflict, and discover new inner resources. The sense of achievement students feel upon completing these projects confers lasting confidence and inspires a lifelong commitment to building communities.