Advising and Online Registration for Fall Semester 2017

To: Christ College Students
From: Associate Dean and Academic Advisor Margaret Franson

On-line Registration for fall 2018 courses will begin April 2.  Each student’s registration access date and time will be posted in their DataVU account under the Academic Profile menu within the link Student Restrictions.

Registration “Hold” for CC Students:  The Registrar has automatically placed a “Christ College Advising Hold” on your registration. I will remove that hold as soon as we meet and I have approved your spring course selections. Please note: If you attempt to register before you see me, the “CC Advising Hold” message will appear and you will not be able to enter course selections.  This applies whether or not you are taking a CC course next semester. Even if you will be off-campus in the fall you need to contact your advisors to have holds removed.

CC Advising Appointments – I will begin advising appointments on Friday, March 23.  Please schedule a brief appointment with me to review your progress in fulfilling general education and CC requirements. This is also a time for us to look ahead to your plans for the future. You will be invited to make your advising appointment via email again this semester. Based on your total number of credits and your advising date and time you will receive an email with a link to schedule advising appointments. One important item – Make sure your Google Calendar is set to CENTRAL TIME.

  • Bring to our meeting a list of the courses you plan for spring.
  • Students who will be off-campus next semester must still go through the entire advising and registration process in a timely way.

 Christ College Course Descriptions for fall Semester 2018                    

  • Appear on the CC website at Christ-college/current-students/courses.
  • All CC sophomores, juniors, and seniors are required to register for CC 201 A: Christ College Symposium every semester. There is no time listed for CC 201 therefore there are no time conflicts.

Christ College Program Options: See the requirements and additional information on the CC Advising webpage.