CC Alumni Reading Groups 2001-2019

The Christ College Alumni Reading Group began in December 2001 with the groups meeting for the first time in 2002. There were reading groups in two cities, one group in the Twin Cities reading group and three reading groups in Chicago.

New cities were added over the years with a large push to create new reading groups in 2013. CC now boasts twenty-two reading groups all over the country, all three Chicago groups as well as the group in the Twin Cities are still in existence. Below are the syllabi from the beginning.

2002 Faith and Skepticism

2003 Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism

2004 Art and Ethics

2005 Vocation

2006 Faith and the Public Sphere

2007 Making Things Right

2008 What Makes Life Significant?

2009 Inventing the Body

2011 American Consumer Culture

2012 Speculative Fiction: Race, Ethnicity and Difference

2013 Literature at the Movies

2014 What is Beauty?

2015 What Robots Teach Us About Being Human

2016 Portraits of Jesus

2018-2019 Religion and Human Dignity