CC Students Attend NCUR 2019

From April 10th through April 13th, 2019, Christ College students engaged in an academic journey at the 33rd Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research. NCUR 2019 was held at Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia. Professor David Western, Christ College faculty member and Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, helped the students prepare their presentations.

NCUR brings together more than 3,000 undergraduates from more than 300 colleges and universities across the country to present original research, scholarship, and creative work through oral presentations, posters, visual arts, and performances. All work is competitively reviewed and selected by experts in the field for presentation at the conference.

Students appreciate their opportunity to attend NCUR. Without the generous gifts from Christ College friends and alumni, students would have been unable to participate in this unique experience.

Participation in NCUR was made possible by generous gifts from alumni and friends to the Christ College Dean’s Annual Fund.

The following papers were accepted by NCUR:

Christopher Bean ’19 Screening Single-Atom Catalysts for Propane Dehydrogenation

Isabel Coffey ’20 The American Writer’s Museum: Rewriting the Script for America’s Museum Experience

Joshua Duensing ’21 The Imago Dei and CRISPR Cas9: The Christian Case for Genetic Alteration

Claire Ehr ’19 Musical Imagery in the Four Quartets: Understanding Eliot’s Conception of Time

Abigail Fate ’19 Utilizing Stress: Manipulating Student’s Stress Mindsets Determines Their Health and Functioning Outcomes

Jennifer Feutz ’20 Normalization in Schools: Foucault & the Mental Health Crisis

Katherine Germann ’20 Contemplating Paradoxical Doctrine Through Formal Structure in the Holy Sonnets

Daniel Herschel ’19 Oh Happy Fault: The God-Like Curiosity of the First Woman in Genesis

Taylor Justison ’20 Stoic Influence on Early Christian Theology: Why We Can’t Ignore It

Zachary Long ’19 Visualizing the Atomic Era: The Response of Japanese Cinema to the Atomic Bombs

Jenna Rifai ’21 A Contested Concept: The Image of God in Islam

Rachel Silcox ’19 Pluralistic Nationalism: The Example of the Kurds

Rachel Sims ’19 Leaf Habit Versus Mycorrhizal Fungi Association: A Framework for Predicting Temperate Tree Species Effects on Soil

Kiley Webber ’21 Revolutionary Virtue: A Look Into the Reynolds Affair