Funding Opportunities

Study Abroad Scholarships

Christ College students are encouraged to study abroad, whether that be for a semester or over spring break. Christ College offers a competitive scholarship program exclusively for its students to support their participation in Valparaiso University approved programs. Students can receive $500 to support a spring break study program, $1000 for a semester-long program, and $1500 to study at Cambridge University for a semester (the Arlin and Sharon Meyer Cambridge Scholarship Award). Up to twenty scholarships are awarded each year.

Presenting Academic Research

CC students can apply to participate in the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, the largest, most competitive, and most prestigious venue for undergraduate scholarship in the United States, as well as funds to support presenting their creative work and research at other undergraduate conferences. Since 2002, more than 180 Christ College students have had their undergraduate research selected for presentation at NCUR. Students attend as a group, along with two professors, who work to help hone abstracts and presentations, and guide students through professional conference protocal.

Kemper Scholars Progam

The Kemper Scholarship provides scholarship aid, mentorship, and professional internship opportunities to Christ College students interested in drawing on the liberal arts to inform their leadership and professional skills. For more information click here.

Commuter Student Support

hose commuter students who find themselves staying late on campus during the final crunch weeks of the First-Year Production and the Oxford Debates, are eligible for Christ-College funding to pay for a night or two in one of the residential halls on campus.