German Academic Exchange Benefits CC Scholar

Christ College Scholar Nathaniel Griewe ’18, a German and secondary education major, spent the last academic year in Germany at the University of Tübingen on a prestigious German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship.

The DAAD is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. DAAD programs support the collaboration between the German higher education system and academic institutions around the world to foster goodwill and professional relationships. Out of roughly 150 applicants this year, Griewe was one of 30 students chosen to receive this award.

He studied the German short story, German poetry, and theology. As a future language teacher, he also chose to enroll in a Spanish course to observe similarities and differences in the foreign language teaching methods between the United States and Germany.

Griewe reported “I experienced what it means when people say that we live in an increasingly global society, and I look forward to continuing to discover my particular place in it. I came to realize that my passion for German language and culture extended into a desire to share that same passion with others,” Griewe said. “My studies have broadened and deepened my views on the purpose of education and knowledge, which in turn has strengthened my drive to become the best teacher I can be.”