Abigail Gomulkiewicz

Lecturer in Humanities

Linwood House 111

Abigail Gomulkiewicz is a historian whose work focuses on Protestant values and the negotiation and creation of post Reformation identities in early modern England. Her project, The Ambitious Age: The Value of Cloth and Clothing in Early Modern Britain, explores how political economy and morality were intertwined. The project examines the shifting meaning and significance of innovation, creativity, and novelty during Britain’s formation into a maritime power with an extensive trading network and overseas territories in North America, the Caribbean, and India. Abigail’s other research interests include remembrance culture and the lived experience of religious belief, particularly through material culture. Her work combines written sources with objects and historical reconstruction. She has published articles in Gender & History and Material Religion. Abigail received her Ph.D. (2021) from the University of Cambridge.