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An admitted student poses with her parents and a Valpo Bound sign in front of Mueller Hall.

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Hear from Dean Prough regarding current events in the College, see photos from Honors Visit Day 2024, and get a preview of NCUR and the 2024 Christ College Oxford Debates.

CC Student Stories: Cori Laatsch ’24

“I didn’t really like writing and didn’t want to be an author; I thought that title was reserved only for creative writers. I loved editing,” Cori reflects. “That didn’t change until I came to Valpo, where Christ College and my public and professional writing major encouraged me to embrace that label. It showed me that academic writers are still also writers – it’s just a different kind of storytelling.”

Professor Edward Upton

Faculty Scholarship: Professor Edward Upton

“Centering on Eliot’s study of sources from ancient India, [Desire and the Ascetic Ideal: Buddhism and Hinduism in the Works of T. S. Eliot] offers a rereading of the poet’s work, analyzing his unpublished graduate school notebooks on Indian philosophy and exploring Eliot’s connection with Buddhist thought.” Read more about Professor Upton’s new book and the research experiences Christ College offers to students.

CC Student Stories: Caleb VanArragon ’23, ’24 M.S.

“I was able to get recruited for golf by a few different schools, but Valpo was where I wanted to go,” Caleb says. “I always knew I wanted to go to a smaller school in the Midwest, and that’s what Valpo is. Then, on my first visit, I met the golf team and Coach Gring, saw the campus, and learned more about Christ College – The Honors College. It felt like a really good fit, and I committed pretty quickly.”

Maiah Deogracias

CC Student Stories: Maiah Deogracias ’24

“Symphony Orchestra has allowed me to create music in community: One thing that I feel is unique to our orchestra — and something very special to me — is how our orchestra features players from all majors and departments. I myself am not a music major, nor are many of the other players in our group. However, we are an interdisciplinary ensemble that brings together students from all areas of campus, united by a shared passion for wanting to make beautiful music together.”

Jason Hallman

Follow the Beacon: Jason Hallman ’06

Careers are journeys — and each stop is just as important as the next. 

Meet Jason Hallman ’06, Ph.D., senior manager at the Collaborative Safety Research Center at Toyota Motor North America, and follow along as we explore how he got to his current role.