Limerick Contest

Limerick Contest October 2019

Each fall, the first-year class participates in the CC Poetry Contest.

During the past eleven years, the Poetry Contest has featured the Japanese poetic genre of the haiku. This year, we returned to the older tradition of writing limericks.  The first-year student whose poem is chosen “lights the fire” in the Commons for the first time of the year.  This year’s winner joins the pantheon of CC poetry writers who have come before them, including:

The Winner: CC First-Year Student – Rachel Dewitt

“Dear professor, it pains me to say

That I did thesis polygamy today

In my essay, you’ll see

That there are at least three

And I’ve tried, but they won’t go away!

Honorable Mention: CC First-Year Student – Anna Pruitt

On a shelf I sit, dusty and dry

Forgotten, my state would imply

I crave to be used

But I’m singing the blues

Oh, woe is me, Upton’s last tie

Honorable Mention: CC First-Year Student – Miranda Hernandez

After walking outside in the cold,

Without any warm hand to hold,

Nothing raises spirits higher

Than the lighting of a fire,

Bringing comfort through heated wisps of gold.