Master of Public Health


Valpo’s public health program provides students with a unique opportunity to complete both the Bachelor of Science in Public Health and the Master of Public Health degrees in five years. Students in the BSPH program who are eligible for admission to the BSPH to MPH, 4+1 option will be invited to enroll in graduate level public health courses in their senior year if they have a 3.0 GPA, have earned grades of a C or better in science courses and courses required for the public health major, and have completed the program of study through the junior year. Students who are admitted into the BSPH to MPH, 4+1 program during their senior year will be admitted directly into the MPH upon graduation from the BSPH assuming they continue to meet the progression requirements.

Curricular Outline of the BSPH to MPH, 4 +1 Senior Year Option

CoursesCourse DescriptionCredits
Fall, Senior Year
Public Health 460Health Advocacy3
Public Health 503Biostatistics3
Public Health 520Biological Basis of Disease3
Public Health 521Environmental Health for a Sustainable Future3
Total Credits15
Spring, Senior Year
Public Health 470Public Health Practicum3
Public Health 480Public Health Capstone3
Public Health 513Social, Behavioral, and Cultural Factors in Healthcare3
Total Credits15