Campus-Scenes HERO

Application Process

Applicants should submit the following:

I. Abstract

An abstract of proposed use of funds (not to exceed 100 words).

II. Project Description

Applicants will briefly describe the project they envision, with enough detail to provide a clear picture of the project but without technical or specialized description which would obscure the description’s clarity.

Applicants should give special attention to the following:
  • The purpose of the project – what are the objectives? What theoretical framework, if any, underlies the project?
  • The plan of work – what is the timetable for the work? What special tasks or processes will be involved?
  • Anticipated results – if all goes as expected, what can be the expected outcome of the project, and how will it enhance teaching or learning?

III. Budget

A brief, but specific, statement of how the grant will be spent (i.e., equipment, materials, travel, etc.).

All applications must be submitted using the appropriate online submission form.

Please note: the online submission form will only upload PDF attachments which are less than 5MB in size. If you experience any difficulty in submitting your application, please contact Mike Moore in the provost’s office at or 219.464.6718.