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The Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowship program is designed to give financial assistance to faculty members for developing projects related to teaching and learning during the summer months. The maximum award for the Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowship is $3,500. The Fellowship will be viewed as a stipend that will be paid in the form of a grant at the end of the preceding spring semester and will not be subject to retirement benefits. All or part of the money can also be used to cover research expenses such as travel, student aides, expendable supplies, and equipment. Those wishing to use the award to defray expenses must submit a tentative budget which will be subject to University approval. Those seeking Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowships are also eligible to apply for additional money for expenses through expense grants described elsewhere.

Possible projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Redesigning a course to include activities based on research in the science of learning
  • Designing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project
  • Developing a multi-course assessment tool

Applications for Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowships shall be submitted to the Office of the Provost. Generally, the deadline for the receipt of all supporting documents is the second week in February. Specific dates can be found on the deadlines web page. All faculty with the rank of lecturer or above are eligible.

Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowships shall not be awarded for any project that in any way contributes toward the attainment of a degree. Preference may be given to those who have obtained supplemental funding for this project from outside resources. Faculty with 12-month appointments are eligible for Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowships, but only with the understanding that they will receive appropriate workload credits rather than a cash grant. The applicants must negotiate the availability of workload credit with their chair or dean prior to applying. The stipend, or portions of it, can be made available to the unit to enhance existing budgets or to defray expenses incurred in covering for workload credit. As indicated above, the stipend can also be used to cover teaching expenses.

A Summer Teaching and Learning Fellow shall file with the Office of the Provost a detailed report on his/her work, normally by October 1, following the summer for which the award was granted. A copy shall also be filed with the Summer Teaching and Learning Fellow’s department or college. If a subsequent application for a Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowship is made on the basis of the same project, a detailed progress report on the work done under the earlier award shall accompany the application.

Recent Summer Teaching and Learning Fellowship Grant Recipients

Summer 2023Benjamin Brobst-RenaudDesigning CVA 290: Art and AI
Summer 2022Martin BuinickiDesigning ENGL 280: Writing RPGs
Summer 2022Lucas KelleyRedeveloping Public History Course and External Student Internships
Summer 2020Shahin Nudehi,
Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering
Development of Mechatronics Minor for the College of Engineering at Valparaiso University
Summer 2020Andrew Richter,
Physics and Astronomy
Integrating Computational Approaches into the Physics and Astronomy Curriculum
Summer 2019 Mindy Capaldi,
Mathematics and Statistics
Implementing Mastery-Based Grading in Mathematics Classes
Summer 2019Melissa Desjarlais,
Mathematics and Statistics
Redesigning MATH 314:  Elements of Geometry
Summer 2019Craig Goehler,
Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering
Reinvigorating Dynamics