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Higher Education Teaching Online Certificate

With funding from the Lilly Endowment and the Center for Innovation in Teaching, Assessment, and Learning (CITAL), the Committee to Enhance Learning and Teaching (CELT) is accepting faculty applications for the Higher Education Teaching Online Certificate. This Quality Matters (QM) program provides an opportunity for faculty to begin or enhance their online teaching skills through seven facilitated courses.

Funding is available for up to 10 faculty to pursue the certificate.

Below is a list of the workshops with their associated learning objectives.  Click on the course name to see a detailed description:

Gauging Your Technology Skills

  • Assess the level of knowledge and skill you possess in terms of the technologies required to teach online.
  • Determine how to improve the level of knowledge and skill you possess in terms of the technologies required to teach online.

Orienting Your Online Learners

  • Explain why and how to orient learners to online learning and to online courses.

Evaluating Your Course Design

  • Evaluate the instructional design of online courses using established quality assurance standards.
  • Explain how instructional design affects the delivery of online courses.

Assessing Your Learners

  • Explain how to assess teaching and learning in online courses.

Exploring Your Institution’s Policies

  • Identify policies related to teaching online at your institution.
  • Describe what you learned and how it will impact your practice.

Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies

  • Describe characteristics of learning theories.
  • Describe teaching strategies based on learning theories.

Creating Presence in Your Online Course

  • Describe how to create instructor, social, and cognitive presence in online courses.

Note: The courses require a significant time commitment, but can be taken throughout the year. Total time required to complete all seven courses is approximately 93 hours.