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Application Process

Applications are encouraged from all colleges, departments, and disciplines for this faculty development opportunity. Faculty will be asked to provide information on either courses already developed and taught online or how this certification will be used to successfully build an online course in the future. Below are the general requirements for the application:

  • Primary Reason for Pursuing Certification (200 Words)
    • Explain the motivation behind applying for the certification
  • Current or Future Online Teaching Goals (750 Words)
    • Outline current experiences with teaching and/or learning online (if any)
    • Explain how this certification will impact current or future courses
    • Explain how this certification will be used to examine, enhance, or re-evaluate your current pedagogy
    • Explain how you will share¬† this knowledge with Valpo faculty colleagues (examples might include offering a workshop, writing a CITAL blog article, presenting to an FLC group or to your department meeting)¬†
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letters of Support (Dean or Department Chair)

Faculty who are selected will receive a $500 stipend in addition to the cost of the certification courses ($1,210 paid directly to QM).  The stipend will be given out upon completion of the following tasks:

  • Completion of all courses within one calendar year from the date of the award
  • Presentation to faculty about what was learned and how it will impact your pedagogy moving forward

Submission Evaluation Rubric

CriteriaScaleTotal Possible Points
AbstractMeets Criteria (3)
Submission clearly outlines the reasons for pursuing certification.
Needs Some Improvement (2)
Submission provides some information, but is not clear as to why certification is needed.
Needs Improvement (1)
Submission does not address the prompt and/or provide a reason for seeking certification.
Teaching GoalsMeets Criteria (3)
Submission clearly outlines prior experience with online learning, the impact on current and future courses, examination of pedagogy, and how this information will be shared.
Needs Some Improvement (2)
Submission addresses some of the areas in the prompt but it is missing at least one (experience, courses, pedagogy, or presentation).
Needs Improvement (1)
Submission does not address multiple areas contained in the prompt and needs further development. 
Curriculum VitaeYes (1)
Submission included a completed CV.
No (0)
CV is not included with submission.
Letter of SupportYes (1)
Submission included a completed Letter of Support.
No (0)
Letter of Support is not included with submission.
Total Possible Points8