Old Campus Gardens

551 Greenwich Street

The implementation of Old Campus Gardens on Valparaiso University’s campus teaches the social, environmental, and economical responsibilities of a food system. It creates an outdoor place to gather, connect, and collaborate on horticultural knowledge and practices, and enhances the understanding of our connection to our food and local ecosystem. The gardens will be a place of reflection, beautification, and education for our University.

The Office of Sustainability would like to thank the Valparaiso University Guild Grant for graciously supporting the efforts of the Old Campus Gardens. The Valparaiso University Guild enhances the student experience while exemplifying the University ideals of scholarship, freedom and faith.

Benefits of a Campus Garden

  1. Creates a sense of social responsibility by supporting the use of a local food system and understanding where our food comes from and how it can affect the surrounding world.
  2. Creates a space for learning and research of sustainable food systems and sustainability as a whole.
  3. Reduces the use of carbon emissions.
  4. Increases the health and wellness of students, faculty and staff.
  5. Beautifies the campus and improves land development by increasing soil health, pollinator species, etc.
  6. Creates a potential space for community service hours.

Reserving a Garden Plot

Plots can be leased for one year at a time from April through March. To reserve your garden plot please contact Julie Whitaker at sustainenergy@valpo.edu

To pay for your garden plot, please visit Julie Whitaker at the Facilities Management office located at 610 Don Hovey Drive. Please contact her at 219-464-5585 to schedule a time. Checks should be made payable to Valparaiso University.

There are several plot sizes to choose from.

  1. 5×5 plot
    1. Cost $25.00
    2. This size is ideal for a beginner gardener with space for only a few varieties of plants, herbs, or flowers.
    3. Feeds 2-3 people
  2. 10×10 plot
    1. Cost $50.00
    2. This size is ideal for an intermediate gardener. The garden can sustain several different types of plants and will require more time and attention.
    3. Feeds a large family.
  3. 20×20 plot
    1. Cost $75.00
    2. This size is for experienced gardeners that have the time and knowledge to grow a large variety of plants and flowers.
    3. Feeds a large family.

Rules and Guidelines