Madhurima Koppuravuri

Information Management

What are you hoping to accomplish and or offer to GSAC?
I am hoping to contribute to GSAC by sharing ideas to enhance graduate student life through social events and professional development opportunities. I will try my best to improve communication among students and between GSAC council and students. I will complete this by planning relevant events where everyone’s voice can be heard so that we could work together to address any concerns.

What are three expectations that you have of this council? 

  • Transparency and effective communication within the team to enhance student, staff relationship.
  • Innovative ideas on how to plan events involving more interaction between students and staff.
  • Game plan to work on student concerns and to get them addressed effectively in a timely manner.

How do you plan to represent graduate students on GSAC? 
I plan to represent graduate students on GSAC by building a strong network with them and addressing any concerns they are having and help them out all the way I can. I will be more approachable to students and will try to feed the importance of GSAC council by hearing them and by encouraging their participation in various events so that we could work together as a team.

What led to your decision to become a graduate student at Valpo? 
Valpo was recognized as one of the nation’s finest engineering programs by the World Report. There are many reasons to choose Valpo. Firstly, the curriculum has management and technical tracks; both were involved, which is rare. Students experience diversity on campus and have opportunities to gain more cultural experiences. Because of small class sizes, students gain a personalized experience and thorough and individualized attention from faculty program directors and advisors.

What is one interesting fact about yourself? 
I worked as publicity head for Say Spartans youth club for 3 years. I am always open for opportunities where I can improve my leadership qualities.

What is your favorite food? 
I love noodles and some Indian sweets like milk cake, Gulab jamun.