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Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna

Carlos Luna Sports Administration

What are you hoping to accomplish and or offer to GSAC?

I was hoping to accomplish and offer to GSAC is to show leadership for the committee and to bring new ideas also. Also, I was hoping to bring people together in the Graduate School and making it huge for the Valpo Community, which they are domestic and international students and making them feel welcomed as they do at home.

What are three expectations that you have of this council? 
  1. Interact with new and prospective Graduate students for being in the Valpo community.
  2. Introduce the majors that the Graduate School has to offer and what future can help them achieve their goals.
  3. Understanding and creating the Graduate School as a friendly and a diversity place to study, learn, and making new friends at Valpo.
How do you plan to represent graduate students on GSAC? 

My plan to represent graduate students on GSAC is to help bring any problems that graduate students are facing and bring the reports to the GSAC. I wanted to interact with the graduate students on what their accomplishments that they wanted to achieve and what resources that we have for their program to help them study and pursue a career after graduation. I wanted to have the Graduate School to be advertised to the community when you are going to the public or a Valpo home game, such as basketball and volleyball. I wanted to understand the goals for every student that they want to achieve from the degree that I am pursuing from the sports administration and talk about how they are doing in Graduate School and report what updates or event that is happening in the program.

What led to your decision to become a graduate student at Valpo? 

My decision to become a graduate student at Valpo was that the campus is close to home from where I live in Northwest Indiana, and it is easy to commute from home to Valpo in a daily basis. Also, I chose Valpo, because it’s not because it has the program that I chose, it’s because it has so many resources to choose from and the professors can be easily contacted, and the professors can connect with you easy to help you achieve your goals when you have trouble or needed help that might occur. In the program that I’m in, Valpo Athletics is a Division I level and there are opportunities to work in an internship that gives you an experience working in a Division I college as a learning tool. I enjoyed meeting new people at Valpo as a graduate student and I like to attend special events at Valpo also, such as Homecoming, sporting events, and the Dance Marathon that something you can get interactive in and to remember as a memory.

What is one interesting fact about yourself?

The one interesting fact about myself is that I like to run, which I run during a beautiful day when it’s on the road at my neighborhood or running on the trails and running help keeps myself feeling better when I had a bad day.

What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food is Pancakes.