Helge Center

Previous Speakers

It is important for students to understand that the idea of vocation is not exclusive to people pursuing work in ministry or the nonprofit sector. For that reason, we endeavor to bring in a roster of speakers who, each semester, demonstrate the depth and breadth of what leadership and service can look like beyond the walls of Valparaiso University.

Fall 2022

Including Katelyn Beaty


Spring 2022

Including Fr. Greg Boyle, Christine Emba, Anne Snyder and Michael Lamb

Spring 2021

Including Tish Harrison Warren and Makoto Fujimura…

Fall 2020

Including Kristin Kobes Du Mez and Francis Su…

Fall 2018 and Spring 2019

Including Nichole Nordeman, Nate Marshall, Taj Weekes, Nicole Garcia, Jemar Tisby and more…

Spring 2018

Including Cristal Brisco, Sandra Alboum, Evva Kraikul and Kat Chow.

Fall 2017

Including Robert Egger, Beverly Schulz, Nate Larson and Rozella Haydèe White.

Spring 2017

Including Dr. Tim Clydesdale, Deb Fisher, Dr. Janice Phillips, Hannah Cartwright, Amy Sample Ward and Rev. Eugene Cho. If you missed one of these phenomenal talks (or were there and now want to share with someone else) check out the playlist below.

Fall 2016

Including Chuck Marohn, Jason Kunesh, Dr. Kurt Senske, Gwen Jimmere, Leymah Gbowee and Tezra Osthus. If you enjoyed one (or more!) of the speakers from this semester, we encourage you to keep the conversation going by checking out the reading list inspired by their talks.

Spring 2016

Including Stuart Diamond, Anna DeLuna, Jim Walker, Derrick Feldmann, Dr. James Clarke and Lowell Baier.