Bachelor of Arts in Music

The bachelor of arts in music, the traditional liberal arts music track, allows time for a second major or a minor, if carefully planned. An international or urban semester is also possible.


B.A. students in music at Valpo must complete the general education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing global cultures and traditions.

Required Courses

The required courses for the major include the standard music core and the coursework for one of the three concentrations.

MUSIC CORE 31 credits
MUS 109Musicianship I2 credits
MUS 110Musicianship II2 credits
MUS 163Music Theory I3 credits
MUS 164Music Theory II3 credits
MUS 201Development of Western Music2 credits
MUS 263Music Theory III3 credits
MUS 318Music of the Baroque, Classical and Early Romantic Eras3 credits
MUS 319Music of the Late Romantic and Modern Eras3 credits
MUS 499Music Colloquium (six semesters)0 credit
Six credits of studio instruction in the principal performing medium (through at least MUAP 203)6 credits
Four credits of ensemble participation4 credits
Completion of MUS 300, 400, and MUAP 2750 credits
One concentration (see below)9 credits
TOTAL40 credits


The B.A. in music requires a concentration of at least nine credits. Students can choose from one of three options.

For music majors interested in emphasizing music performance, theory, and history.

MUS 209 Musicianship III 2 credits
One course from the following options:

  • MUS 264 Music Theory IV
  • MUS 463 Twentieth-Century Techniques
3 credits
One credit from the following options:

  • MUS 404 Recital (1-2 credits)
  • MUS 495 Independent Study in Music (1-3 credits)
1 credit
At least 3 additional credits from the following options:

  • MUS 210 Musicianship IV (2 credits)
  • MUS 213 Basic Conducting (2 credits)
  • MUS 285 Introduction to the Music Industry (3 credits)
  • Any 300 or 400-level music course, excluding studio lessons
3 credits

For music majors with a particular interest in church music.

MUS 213 Basic Conducting 2 credits
MUS 313 Intermediate Conducting 2 credits
MUS 473 Church Music 3 credits
MUS 495 Independent Study in Music (church music practical experience) 1-3 credits
Level 203 in the primary performance medium
Level 103 in piano or organ (if the primary performance medium is not piano or organ), including completion of MUAP 175

For students who are interested in the music industry, including careers in retailing or arts management.

MUS 285 Introduction to the Music Industry 3 credits
MUS 405 Arts and Entertainment Administration 3 credits
MUS 486 Internship 3 credits
One minor from the following options (recommended):

  • Business administration
  • Fundamentals of business
  • Studio art
  • General communication
  • Communication law
  • Digital media