Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care

Coming in 2020!

The Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care is a 15-credit program designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge about trauma and the ability to apply that knowledge to their specific settings in order to increase effectiveness with traumatized populations. The program is appropriate for students and professionals in mental health, education, crisis and emergency services, medical settings, criminal justice, law and law enforcement, non-profit and human services agencies, and anyone who works with individuals or systems exposed to trauma. The certificate program may be particularly useful for (but is not limited to) students in the following graduate programs: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Psychology, Education, Health Administration, Health Care Administration, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Public Health. Because most of these graduate degree programs permit 6-9 credits of elective coursework, students can often embed some certificate coursework within their degree program.

The certificate program is open to degree-seeking and non-degree graduate students meeting the admission requirements, as well as current undergraduate students eligible to take graduate-level courses.

Curriculum Overview

The Certificate in Trauma-Informed Care requires completion of three core courses (9 credit hours), along with two elective courses (6 credits). The certificate program is a hybrid learning format, with most courses structured as asynchronous online courses. The final capstone course (TRAU 600) requires participation in onsite instruction during a weekend-in-residence at Valparaiso University.

More information, including detailed graduate course descriptions, can be found in the Graduate Catalog in the Counseling and Psychology section.

Required Courses: 15 credits
PSY 500 Understanding Trauma 3 credits
PSY 510 Trauma Assessment 3 credits
PSY 590 Special Topics in Trauma 6 credits
PSY 600* Capstone: Trauma-Informed Systems 3 credits

*Requires participation in onsite instruction during a weekend-in-residence at Valparaiso University.


Admissions Requirements

Trauma Certificate applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School and/or be current students in the Graduate School at Valparaiso University.