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This certificate is intended for graduate students in professional programs who would like to enhance their awareness and knowledge of regulatory, business, and policy considerations that arise from the increasing use of computer systems and information technology in society. The course of study will supplement a professional’s non-technical knowledge in the areas of law and policy for the security of data and information systems.


Course #Course DescriptionCredits
Required Courses12 Cr
IT 510Introduction to Information Technology3 Cr
IT 642Information Assurance3 Cr
IT 644Technology, Law, and Policy3 Cr
IT 648Risk Management3 Cr
ElectivesChoose one course from the following options:3 Cr
IT 600Ethics in Information Technology3 Cr
COMM 570Communications Law and Ethics3 Cr
COMM 572Intellectual Property3 Cr
Total Required Credits15 Cr