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Online IT Fundamentals Certificate

The IT Fundamentals Certificate is a 15 credit post-baccalaureate certificate which provides an introduction to the background and practice of information technology. This certificate can be completed 100% online or on campus.

The certificate is intended for students with non‐technical backgrounds who are interested in pursuing professions or graduate study in the field of information technology. Interested and qualified students may transfer from this certificate to the M.S. in Information Technology or the M.S. in Cyber Security programs.


To qualify for an admission,certificate-seeking applicants must​ meet the following requirements:​

  1. Submit an admission application
  2. Graduate from an accredited college or university that is recognized by Valparaiso University.
  3. Graduate with at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA in all prior undergraduate and / or graduate coursework.
  4. Pay $30 application fee (ask assistant director of graduate admissions for a fee waiver).

Please submit questions to an assistant director of graduate admissions at or 219.464.5313


Required Courses

9 Cr

IT 502 Introduction to Programming 3 Cr
IT 510 Introduction to Information Technology 3 Cr
IT 603 Information Management 3 Cr


Choose two or three courses from the following options:

6 Cr

IT 533 Data Mining 3 Cr
IT 535 Networking 3 Cr
IT 540 Web Programming 3 Cr
IT 560 Mobile Computing 3 Cr

IT 630 User Interface

3 Cr

Total Required Credits

15 Cr