Welcome to STEM - STEM Programs at Valpo
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PREPARE FOR A FUTURE IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICS (STEM) FIELDS, which are at the forefront of innovation in the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, jobs in the STEM fields are projected to grow twice as fast as those in other fields by 2018, with college graduates in STEM fields expected to earn 26 percent more than college graduates in other fields.


At Valparaiso University, you’ll receive a state-of the-art STEM education within a liberal arts setting. Guided by gifted and passionate faculty, you’ll gain the skills necessary to graduate ready to lead and serve in the market place.


Valpo has been recognized as a STEM Jobs Approved College by Victory Media, which rates universities on their responsiveness and relevance to high-demand,

high-growth STEM occupations. This honor showcases Valpo’s ability to connect its academic programming to real-world job requirements, helping graduates achieve their career aspirations.


Prepare for a career in STEM fields with Valpo’s increased investment in premier academic programs, development of innovative programming, and expansion of campus facilities. Bioengineering, data science, and statistics are among the numerous academic programs recently introduced at Valpo. And, there’s even a new science building, where you’ll enhance your classroom experience through valuable hands-on training in the laboratory in our new state-of-the-art facilities.



Valpo has numerous world-class facilities and resources that support teaching, research, collaboration, and innovation across a variety of disciplines. Recognizing the importance of experiential learning in STEM education, students have access to state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, facilities, and technology, including a 5-cm simultaneous dual-polarization Doppler radar; an on-site greenhouse; and an observatory housing a 16-inch, computer-controlled reflecting telescope — not to mention the only solar furnace at an undergraduate institute in the United States. Whatever your chosen field of study, you will have extensive, cutting-edge resources at your fingertips and work alongside faculty experts in impressive facilities. Valparaiso University continues to expand and evolve, most recently with the addition of the Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry, a 55,800-square-foot laboratory facility.


Learn more about our Exceptional Facilities…




With five major programs and two minors to choose from, Valpo’s biology students are prepared to pursue advanced training in graduate or professional schools, for a teaching career in biology, or for working in industry or government — career opportunities as diverse as the biological world itself.


Whatever your degree path, you’ll explore the vastness of life through an inquiry-based curriculum, conduct research alongside expert, inspirational faculty, and have immediate access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources on campus and in the nearby Valparaiso community. You’ll spark your curiosity and make new discoveries through rich hands-on experiences.


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Interdisciplinary in nature, Valpo’s biochemistry program prepares students to pursue graduate study and for a wide range of careers in biochemistry or medical research. Innovative curriculum, passionate faculty, and undergraduate research combine, ensuring success whether in the field or through advanced study.


Students gain hands-on experience through laboratory work and research alongside faculty scholars using a wide selection of instrumentation in state-of the-art facilities, including the new, cutting-edge Center for the Sciences: Chemistry and Biochemistry.


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The breadth of the department — six specialized degree programs and a minor — will match your interests and career aspirations. From pharmacy to environmental science to synthetic chemistry, there’s no limit to the doors a Valpo chemistry degree will open.


A well-rounded education, balancing the practical and theoretical aspects of chemistry, will ensure your future success. Delve into the rigorous, inquiry-based curriculum; collaborate with expert research faculty; access state-of the-art equipment; and experience innovation come to life in our cutting-edge facilities. Prepare to spark your curiosity and engage your sense of discovery.


Learn more about Chemistry…



Neuroscience is a central topic of contemporary scientific inquiry, with many large research initiatives underway in the United States and international settings. It is an exciting field that attempts to study the basic structure and characteristics of human mental processes; the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system; and how mental and physical processes relate to each other. The field of neuroscience is both fascinating and complex, as it draws on insights from many different fields including bioengineering, cognitive science, computer science, experimental and clinical psychology, linguistics, and philosophy.


Students entering many research and professional careers, including artificial intelligence, clinical neuropsychology, medicine (especially neurology and psychiatry), neurolinguistics, and philosophy (especially philosophy of mind), will find a background in neuroscience to be helpful or even essential. Integral to the program is a set of learning objectives that orient faculty and students toward the acquisition of critical knowledge and skills necessary for understanding, appreciating, and using the tools of modern neuroscience.


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Forensic science is the application of scientific principles to criminal and civil laws within a criminal justice system with the goal of establishing guilt or innocence. Through the program, students will be exposed to a variety of disciplines within the field of forensic science, learn laboratory techniques applicable to forensic science, and apply them to a number of suspicious situations and criminal cases. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of forensic science and develop the critical skills needed to collect and evaluate forensic evidence.


Learn more about Forensic Science…



Take the world by storm with a degree in meteorology from Valpo — home to the region’s premier meteorology program. One of the largest and most respected in the country, Valpo’s meteorology program is characterized by close student-faculty interaction, expert instruction, state-of-the-art equipment, and extensive in-field experience.


The challenging, unpredictable weather of Northwest Indiana offers a perfect backdrop, providing a wealth of opportunity for practical experience. From internships with nationally recognized meteorologists to field research as a member of our Storm Intercept Team, you’ll immerse yourself in real-world experience and graduate as an experienced forecaster.


Learn more about Meteorology…



If you strive to deliver exceptional health care, provide transformative leadership, and better people’s lives, the College of Nursing and Health Professions has programs in nursing, health care leadership, physician assistant studies, and public health. With one of the most comprehensive and competitive nursing programs in the country, Valpo is a leader in health care education.


Innovative curriculum and clinical excellence combine, preparing you for a rewarding and meaningful career. At Valpo, we’ll prepare you to be an adaptive, collaborative, and visionary leader in the rapidly evolving health care field.


Learn more about Nursing and Health Professions…



Earn a bachelor’s in health science and a master’s in physician assistant studies in Valpo’s accelerated 5-year physician assistant program. You’ll gain a broad-based education in seven core areas — family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, behavioral health, general surgery, and emergency medicine.


The program delivers a modular integrated curriculum in a newly designed, adult-centered active learning environment. You’ll have the opportunity to work with nursing, health care leadership, and health administration students, preparing to deliver health care in a collaborative, team-centric manner.


Learn more about Physician Assistant Studies…





Valpo IT students acquire a deeper specialization in the omnipresent field of information technology with two tracks of study in the master’s program — management or computing — while gaining fundamental skills through a rigorous core curriculum.


You will become proficient in a variety of professional-based systems through the incorporation of emerging technologies into all coursework.


This highly applied approach to hands-on learning prepares students to be expert leaders in the field.


Learn more about Information Technology…




This highly competitive program consists of three concentrations — bioelectrical, biomechanical, and biomedical. Valpo is currently the only master’s-level comprehensive university in the Midwest to offer a bioengineering program.


Gain a strong foundation in engineering and design principles, and study a variety of topics, from interpreting the electrical signals generated by the nervous system to analyzing materials used for orthopedic implants.


You’ll receive a cutting-edge education inside the classroom and beyond. Graduates will be prepared to pursue graduate school, medical school, or industrial jobs in one of many bioengineering disciplines.


The U.S. Department of Labor predicts a 23 percent employment growth for bioengineers by 2024.


Learn more about Bioengineering…



Valpo’s civil engineering program is comprehensive, covering five areas of study: environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources. In this program, you will gain expertise in technical areas and in team building, engage in hands-on laboratories, and develop strong communication skills.


The program will equip you with the skills necessary to pursue a variety of careers, including transportation engineer, city engineer, water resources engineer, and environmental engineer. You will be prepared to work in the design and construction of roads, skyscrapers, bridges, and water systems — projects that form the infrastructure of our world.


Serve as a leader in enhancing the environment, providing clean water to developing nations, and advancing technology to benefit all of humankind.


Learn more about Civil Engineering…





Integrate mathematics, statistics, and computer science knowledge and methodologies to analyze and solve problems in science, engineering, and other fields with a degree in analytics and modeling.


You’ll work with premier data-focused programming language and have advanced coursework in computational application and modeling techniques, laying a foundation to thrive in data science fields that deal with complex information and data sets. And with the 4+1 B.S./M.S. option, you can receive a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.


Learn more about Analytics and Modeling…



The data science program integrates statistics, mathematics, computer science, and data science to produce graduates with the skills needed to evaluate and interpret data. Students enrolled in this program will apply a wide variety of techniques to analyze large data sets, interpret and validate the results of the analysis, and make recommendations for action.


You are encouraged to enhance your data science degree with a minor or second major in an applied field of interest, such as finance, psychology, accounting, or economics.


Learn more about Data Science…



The statistics program provides a foundation in statistical theory, with focus on how to appropriately conduct statistical analyses in real applications. Through this program, you will gain quantitative, problem-solving, and communication skills. You will take a broad range of statistics and mathematics classes with particular focus on research and analysis.


With a degree in statistics, you can pursue a career in a wide array of fields, such as medicine, public health, education, manufacturing, marketing, finance, and government.


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