Air Travel

Valparaiso University’s corporate travel business partner for group travel needs is Anthony Travel. By coordinating travel arrangements through this agency, the University has established an efficient purchase and payment method. Please contact Procurement if you should have concerns about how to handle individual, unusual travel circumstances. A 60% reimbursement will be paid in those cases where Anthony Travel or an internet provider was not used, and there was no previous communication with Procurement regarding extenuating circumstances.

Reservation Procedures – With University Business Partner

  • Contact Anthony Travel (219.631.7080) for group travel arrangements. Identify yourself as a Valparaiso University traveler, and give the name of your department. Provide the agency with your air travel requirements. When possible, be flexible by giving a variety of departure and arrival options to secure the lowest fare.
  • The agency will notify departments of travel itinerary and cost.
  • Departments will enter a purchase requisition into Colleague, and a purchase order will be issued to the agency. Procurement will provide the agency a purchase order number. The agency must have the purchase order number before a reservation is booked. To avoid possible price increases or other charges, enter purchase requisitions in Colleague, or call Procurement as soon as reservations are requested.
  • Departments that have a high volume of travel needs should consider issuing a blanket purchase order for all travel during a semester/year. Each time travel arrangements are made, the agency should be given the blanket purchase order number. This eliminates a purchase requisition/purchase order for each individual travel situation. The supervisor should monitor the blanket purchase order activity.
  • Tickets are delivered by email with receipt and copy of itinerary.

Other Reservation Procedures

  • Internet Providers: If you choose to use an internet provider due to the low rates often available, the cost will be reimbursed provided the confirmation page indicating confirmation number, itinerary, total cost, and proof of payment is attached to a properly completed Travel Expense Report.
  • Other Providers: If another agency has quoted a lower rate, the provider may be used instead of the University agency. However, you must obtain a written quote from the University agency (Anthony) for the same itinerary as documentation of savings. To be comparative, the agency quote must be obtained the same day as the other provider’s quote. When submitting a charge for travel on the Travel Expense Report, you must attach the quotes and proof of payment of the other provider’s charge. Proof of payment consists of an original invoice indicating “Paid in Full” from the other provider.

Domestic and International Travel

Class of Service

No first class/business class travel will be reimbursed for any Valparaiso University employee while traveling on University business. The only exception to first class/business class travel is a free upgrade provided by the airline, the travel agency, or a frequent flyer program.

Private Aircraft

The University does not provide reimbursement for travel in private aircraft for University business unless authorized by the appropriate vice-president.

Passports/Visas/Tourists Cards

Passports/visas/tourist cards are typically personal in nature and are not the responsibility of Valparaiso University. However, passports required for University business travel may be reimbursed at the discretion of the appropriate supervisor.

Accounting Procedures

Flight Reimbursement

Anthony Travel will bill Valparaiso University for all flight arrangements made through the purchase order system, and Accounts Payable will handle the payment. For flights arranged by the employee due to special circumstances stated above or on the internet, reimbursement will be paid to the employee upon receipt of a properly completed Travel Expense Report. Please refer to documentation of internet purchases outlined above. If purchasing guidelines are not followed, only 60% of the cost of the flight will be reimbursed. If travel arrangements are made by the individual in advance of the dates of the trip, reimbursement requests must be submitted in accordance with reporting deadlines. For more details, see “Expense Reporting” above.

Unused Tickets

Refunds for unused tickets must be sent to the Finance Dept. Provide details including information regarding the unused ticket and the general ledger account number from which the original purchase was made. Non-refundable credits must be used when making future University business-related travel arrangements.

Lost Tickets

Employees are personally responsible for the replacement of all lost paper tickets.


Any fees charged for business-related flight changes will be reimbursed to the employee if documentation is included in a properly completed Travel Expense Report.

Personal Travel with Business Travel

Valparaiso University will allow combinations of personal/business travel if the rate proportionately decreases the cost incurred by the University. The travel agencies will offer the traveler the optional cost of the Saturday stay-over fare. The cost comparison must take into account the airfare savings compared to the additional cost for lodging, meals, and rental car.

Airline Club Memberships

Airline club memberships are the responsibility of the employee. Valparaiso University will not reimburse for membership costs unless related to ongoing University business and approved by the supervisor.

Number of Employees on Same Flight

The only restriction is the President, Provost, and Vice President for Finance and Administration of Valparaiso University are not permitted to travel on the same flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

Valparaiso University permits its employees to retain their frequent flyer miles earned on University business travel.

Guest Travel

Valparaiso University will not reimburse the travel costs of a personal guest. It is the responsibility of the employee to document reimbursable business expenses and to keep a record of such expenses apart from those incurred by the guest.

Business Guest Travel

From time to time, the University hosts individuals or groups for a variety of reasons. The individual or group is encouraged to make travel arrangements through the University’s approved travel agencies. The hosting department is responsible for purchase requisitions and/or expense reimbursement requests.

Travel Insurance

Flights arranged through Anthony Travel and paid using the University’s credit card automatically include $250,000 travel accident insurance for the traveler. In addition, the University provides various coverages including accidental death and dismemberment, emergency medical for accident and sickness, and emergency medical evacuation. For more information, please contact the Office of Finance and Administration at 219.464.5215 or visit  eiia.org/ForeignAssist for more information.

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