Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Child Care Expenses

Expenses incurred for child care are not usually reimbursable, except under special circumstances approved by the appropriate supervisor.

Personal Entertainment

The University will not reimburse expenses for personal entertainment such as in-room movies, video rentals, health club fees and personal grooming costs.

Pet Care Fees

Expenses incurred for pet care are not reimbursable.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is not a reimbursable travel expense unless it is included in the registration fee of a conference or other event or is served when hosting a University guest.

Personal Guest Travel

Travel costs of personal guests will be the responsibility of the employee.

Travel Reimbursements by Outside Party

The University will not reimburse travel costs reimbursed by an outside organization.

Travel Accident Insurance

Supplemental travel insurance coverage will be the responsibility of the employee.

Theft and Damages

Theft, loss of funds, damage or loss of personal luggage should be submitted to the traveler’s personal insurance company. A police report must be filed at the time of loss. All losses must be reported immediately to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Tips and Gratuities

Tips and gratuities are included in the daily per diem rate for meals and incidentals. No additional reimbursement will be made for tips given to wait staff, maids and porters/bell hops. Tips for taxi  drivers are not included in the per diem rate. The tip for taxi drivers may be included in the reimbursement request.


Long-distance telephone calls charged to the hotel room are not reimbursable due to the typically excessive cost involved.