It is the University’s practice to use “good” rather than “deluxe” lodging accommodations. However, accommodation selections will vary widely based on the location and the situation. For example, attendance at a convention, seminar, or University-sponsored function may make it appropriate for the traveler to stay at the hotel serving as the meeting site.


Employees will be responsible for making their own hotel reservations. When attending a conference or convention, the employee will request the applicable convention rate. Anthony Travel may be contacted for specific hotel needs, corporate rates, or promotional rates. Online reservations are permitted and encouraged due to the discounts frequently experienced using internet providers.

Guarantee for Late Arrival

The employee will be responsible for obtaining a guarantee for late arrival at the time the reservation is made.


In the event a business trip is canceled or changed, the employee will be responsible for making the necessary changes in her or his reservations.

Hospitality Rooms

The University will reimburse for the rental of a hospitality room if the room is necessary for conducting business of the University.

Guest Lodging

If the employee occupies a room with a personal guest, the University will reimburse at the single rate. The employee will provide the single rate information on the Travel Expense Report.


Reimbursement for hotel accommodations will be paid to the employee upon receipt of a properly completed Travel Expense Report. The original itemized hotel receipt must be attached to the report. Any charges included on the hotel bill for other expenses such as local phone calls, internet service, and laundry service must be itemized on the Travel Expense Report in the appropriate category. Meals charged to a hotel bill will not be reimbursed. See the per diem information under “Meals and Entertainment.” Hotel long-distance charges will not be reimbursed. Internet service will be reimbursed if the service is necessary to perform University business, and the hotel does not provide free service in the room, lobby or business center.

Spending Guidelines

Budgetary guidelines for the trip are the responsibility of the appropriate supervisor. The University will reimburse for the additional night(s)’ lodging resulting from choosing a flight option that requires a Saturday night stay as long as the option resulted in savings or no further expense to the University.

Private Homes

In Lieu of Hotel Lodging

Many University employees have friends and family all over the world with whom they prefer to stay while traveling on business. The University supports this choice.


The University will reimburse for actual costs incurred.

Gift for Host/Hostess

Current IRS guidelines allow business gifts limited to a cost of $25. A gift to the host or hostess would be an appropriate gesture, keeping the IRS regulation in mind.